I’m joining in with #LittleLoves (hosted by Morgana) this week. I’ve not joined in with #LittleLoves for such a long time so I’m excited to be able to join in once again. This week has been great – relaxed and chilled, the way it should be. Being end of term meant that I arranged lunch and drinks after work on Friday. It was such a good day, which carried on late into the evening and the perfect way to end the school year.

I will be honest and say that occupying a toddler is proving to be hard work! Last year Parker was a baby so the summer holidays were pretty easy going. Not anymore!

So, here’s what we’ve been up to this past week…

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Dreaming of a Holiday

I’ve been dreaming of a holiday for the longest time. Although we are getting fantastic weather here in the UK there is nothing better than being by a pool, book in hand, slathered in suncream, with a cold beverage (or two) nearby, with new places and cultures to explore.

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Project House 2016: Goals

We moved into our current home in May 2009. Although we wanted to decorate and make some big changes it wasn’t a huge priority. Now that we have Parker, I’ve found a passion for interiors that I didn’t realise I had. I want to make our house somewhere that makes me happy, not somewhere that we just eat and sleep.

There is something so special about having a cosy, family home. A nice garden to spend evenings in during Summer. A cosy lounge with blankets and throws to keep snug in Winter. We have lots of plans for our house this year, which I’ve dubbed ‘Project House 2016’.

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12 Books that should be studied in high school

There are so many books out there that I would have benefited from reading and studying whilst I was in secondary school. Many authors are writing fantastic books dealing with so many sensitive topics and genres, giving students access to a wide and varied range of reading material.

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